Business Financial Solutions

Finding the best financial solutions for your company in the current economic environment is crucial. Our solutions will support your business development and strengthen your relationships with banks and other financial partners. We support you in renegotiating credit commitments, negotiating new financing directions, or even change the whole structure of the balance sheet. In some cases, the transfer of certain assets can be identified and cut off in order to eliminate the burden of an excessive debt.

FinAnge Conseil has excellent relationships with a significant number of financial institutions, but all the proposals that we make will be carried out in a climate of total independence from banks. Demonstrating our creativity and know how, we’ll provide the necessary prerequisites for obtaining the financing that company needs, according to the financial rules in force, while thoroughly secure the asset value and shareholders’ interests.

Covering a wide range of activities, from the payment processing to complex solutions for cash management, we help you get the best operational solutions and anticipating difficult financial situations. We are ready to give advice in choosing the right mix of cash management services. We can help you manage cash resources efficiently, have complete control over cash flow and improve flexibility in conducting banking transactions.

Our partnership with Sage Group, a global leader in cash management solutions, allows us to offer the most modern international IT solutions for payments and cash-pooling.