Published in Ziarul Financiar, 6 December 2015


Last night, at Athenaeum, young conductor Kah Chun Wong led the concert of “George Enescu” Philharmonic – Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody op. 43 and the Sixth Symphony op. 74 in B minor “Pathetique” by Tchaikovsky. The soloist was pianist Constantin Sandu. Sublime!

Without portable, the conductor was not only elegant, but also had a perfect knowledge of the score. His exceptional posture and the rhythmic dialogue with each of the band members gave a Napoleonic authority to the young visitor from Singapore. The wonderful and experienced Philharmonic “George Enescu” replied with tact, rhythm and liveliness.

Music performances always make me rediscover the three ingredients that are essential for any job: method, rhythm and creativity.

In business, the method is given by processes and technology tools. So is the music. Each actor is integrated into a process and knows very well what to do. A malfunction or an instrument’s discord generates errors that can’t be repaired.

Rhythm makes you constantly keep your direction, be present, listen to those around you, stop, and work in “team” … In our country we have many valuable people, but unfortunately, most do not know how to work together. Each one tries to demonstrate that he is smarter than the other. Few are those who know how to listen, maintain direction and intervene when needed. It is “much ado about nothing”. It’s a continuous Brownian motion. A discord … There is no rhythm.

Creativity gives naturalness, spontaneity; it allows you to be yourself. You can’t fructify it unless there is some method too.

So is the life of a well-run company and the same should happen with the leaders of our society.

We need to show a little humbleness, to listen to music more often and work with method and rhythm, inciting creativity with respect. I haven’t seen an example of teamwork performed better than the one of a conductor leading his orchestra with method, rhythm and grace. Each member of the orchestra vibrates, he knows his role very well and does his job thoroughly, in a perfect discipline, so what the public receives is uplifting.

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